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secondage-1Benernya sudah lama pingin nunjukkin link untuk ngunduh game buat PPC, tapi nggak kesampean. Jujur saja saya kuatir ngajarin orang lain untuk memhambur-hamburkan waktu untuk suatu kesenangan yang semu dan sementara.

Sekedar cerita, dulunya saya ini suka banget yang namanya game (di kompie). Wah kalau lagi suntuk ngegame bisa lupa waktu, lupa makan, lupa kerja, lupa sholat (maksudnya ngundur waktu sholat), lupa anak istri hehehe … Dari sore hingga malam, lanjut dari malam hingga waktu subuh …. tidur sebentar, bangun tidur main lagi …. kagak kapok-kapok.

Waktu itu yang seneng saya mainin adalah game-game genre strategy perang terutama yang settingnya jaman pertengahan gitu. Dimulai dari warcraft II dari stage pertama sampai tuntas. Kapok main ini gara-gara nemu cheat(kode curang) yang namanya god mode. Waduh dengan kode ini serdadu-serdadu saya jadi sakti mandraguna… di setiap peperangan menang terus …. akhitnya kapok! kagak ada lawannya lagi sih.

Bosen dengan warcraft II muncul starcraft produsennya sama … Blizzard. Ini cerita perang di angkasa sono. Rame juga, meskipun alur ceritanya hampir sama tapi nggak bosen-bosen. Nah bosennya pas keluar warcraft III, tapi ini game susah banget jadi kalah melulu …. cari code cheatnya nggak ketemu. Karena kalah terus cari game vendor lain dapet punyanya microsoft, Age of Empire II. Wah ini game juga bikin lupa diri. Tampilan grafisnya lebih bagus/natural dan fitur-fiturnya lebih lengkap. Kagak tidur deh kalau belum sampai menang perang.

Terakhir game yang saya suka adalah Cossack, bahkan saya menyebutnya the best untuk game-game strategy yang pernah saya mainin. Senjatanya sudah pakai senapan, meriam, dll. Kapok main game ini karena komputer njeblug sedang cd installernya hilang entah ke mana dan (waktu itu) nyari lagi di toko kagak nemu. Kalau nggak gitu mungkin sampai sekarang masih gila game. Cerita selesai.

Setelah saya analisa dari sekian pengunjung blog ini kok kebanyakan masih abg yang tentunya masih suka main game, sekedar untuk mengisi waktu daripada bengong. Nah karena itu berbekal modal postingan seorang member di milis xoj berikut ijin untuk diposting di blog ini, saya tunjukkan link-link untuk download game khusus untuk PPC. Nantinya akan saya tambah sendiri …

Tapi sebelumnya saya wanti-wanti : gunakan waktu anda untuk kegiatan yang lebih bermanfaat.

Nah ini dia link-linknya, silahkan lapor bila linknya broken :

PocketMiniGolfv1. 5 :

Pocket Mini Golf v.2 :


StreetSkater :

PPCChess :

PocketNester0. 7 :

Red Sector 2112 :

SN: 4PRSC140308R


DieselMinigolf :

scrennshoots :

DiamondMine :

HandangoUltimateGam esSuiteforPocket PC :

Dopewars :

Hexacto :

Orions: The Second Age v1.10


DarxideEMP :

Capcom1942.rar :

Chix :

ClassicArcadeGamesSetup :

AiFootball2001 :

ArioleSin :

AstrawareBejeweledv 2.2ForPocketPc :

screenshoots :

Argentum1.092 :

AstrawareBigMoneyv2 .02 :

screenshoots ;

3DMini-Transcanada :

AgeofEmpiresGoldEdi tionforPocketPCA RMwithCrack :


more info : di sini!

Aggravator1. 0 :

3DMiniSportsbike :


3DMini-Aquabike :

Transport Tycoon Deluxe (Open Tycoon Beta)

screenshoots ;

Lost in the Pyramid v1.4

screenshoots :

Ferrari GT Evolution HD v1.0.9

screenshoots :

PDAmill Anthelion 2: Celestial Vigilance v2.0.22


Pocket Quake 2 v0.12 Full
Requirements: All PPC’s with minimum 400mhz processor
Overview: The famous pc game Quake 2 ported to your ppc !!!

More Info: It’s much faster than port in previous release, it’s made for HTC Magician Clones & it’s work on my HTC BA pretty fast on 531mhz.
In this pack you find game port and full PAK files converted to one PAK file.
It’s support Portrait and Landscape Mode.


Download Instructions:

Unpack and copy to your Storage Card, run with quake2.exe

Tiki Towers v1.04
Requirements: Pocket PC with WM 5.0, 6.0, 6.1
Overview: Tiki Towers is action and puzzle gaming at its best!


The monkeys need your help! It’s up to you to build a way for the monkeys
to safely clear each level. Using limited supplies, work with your monkey
friends to build towers out of bamboo poles, coconuts, and vines. Navigate
through levels filled with hazardous obstacles that threaten the safety of
your monkey pals.

-Play through different islands and several challenging levels
-Realistic physics – bamboo structures will bend, break, and collide with the environment

More Info:


Download Instructions:


Hexacto’s Lemonade Inc.
Requirements: Windows CE 3.X Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC 2002 1.5 MB of Storage Memory and 6 MB of Program Memory
Overview: Build your own lemonade empire! JAMDAT introduces its first business simulation: Lemonade Tycoon

* 5 maps with different characteristics and attributes.
* Multiple customer types with distinctive personalities.
* Two modes: Open-ended Career Mode or 30 days Challenge Mode.
* Three lemonade stands with tons of equipment and upgrade possibilities * Complex game system based on realistic parameters allowing the player to choose his own business strategy providing close to infinite re-playability.
*Watch and compare your company results and value on the LSX
(Lemonade Stock Exchange).
* And lots of other cool features!


Aimed at casual gamers of all ages, Lemonade Tycoon features intelligent gameplay, colorful animated graphics and a humorous twist that will have you coming back for more!

Always wanted to test your entrepreneurial skills? With Lemonade Tycoon, you’re in business! It’s a well known fact: even the simplest ideas can become very lucrative. In Lemonade Tycoon you have the chance turn a kid’s game into a serious and profitable enterprise.

You start with a small lemonade stand and a few dollars in your pocket. Check the latest weather forecast and try to pick the best location for your stand, tweak your lemonade recipe, set your price and manage your inventory. Re-invest your profits and streamline your production methods to earn the best margins out of every workday. Make the wrong decisions and you’ll be on your way to bankruptcy faster than you think? Make the good ones, and you just might take your business to the top!

And that’s only part of the challenge! Use JAMDAT ScoreCasttm technology to post your Results on the Lemonade Stock Exchangetm.

The Lemonade Stock Exchange is where you can see the Market Capitalization of your lemonade business, and compare it with that of the top players worldwide. Find out if you rank amongst Best Businesses, Blue Chips or Hot New Businesses.

Pocket PC Life
“Lemonade Inc. from Hexacto is once again a full serving of excitement. Lemonade Inc. does a beautiful job of preserving what made the original game great while adding new features that expand on the running a business theme. 5 STARS – A Must Have!”

Release Tester’s Review: ArcherIV

Download Instructions: No crack or serial needed. … _1.0.2.rar


Mirrors: … _setup.rar

Turjah II v2.12
Requirements: PocketPC 2003(SE), WM5, WM6
Overview: Aliens called the Turjah invade the Earth, you gotta stop them. A game like Resco Guardian and Anvelion with superior graphics and visual effects.

The sequel to the award winning Turjah has new improved graphics, sound and playability. With over 40 new enemies, advanced new weapons and power up options. Winner of the “Best Action Games” category, Pocket PC magazine 2002, this game is a must-have for pocket PC gamers.

key-remapping is now possible in this version and supports a wider range of machines.

Supported Machines:
– HP iPAQ h2210/h2215,HP iPAQ h5450/h5455,iPAQ h1910/h1920,iPAQ h3100/h3600/h3700 series
– Fujitsu Siemens Loox
– Dell Axim X5
– X-scale machine ( MM O2, T-Mobile, and iPaq 39XX)
– Compaq iPaq 36/37/3839,Amigo 600-c
– Hp Jornada 54x ,56x
– Cassiopiea E-115/EM-500/E-125/EG-800/E-200

More Info:


Download Instructions: no installation needed. extract the downloaded archive and copy the entire folder to the main memory or storage card. … 2.rar.html

ShootMe! V1.4 (Freeware)
Requirements: WM6 (Designed for Samsung Omnia, might work on other devices) and Net 3.5
Overview: Fun little freeware game that can amuse friends, or help relieve stress by blasting away those who annoy you ;)
All credit goes to PedritoM at MoDaCo

More Info:


Download Instructions:
Download WM_SDK and ShootMe! V1.4. Install both on to device and enjoy!
Note: You won’t have to reinstall WM_SDK on your device again for future versions if you already have it installed

ShootMe! V1.4

WM_SDK:… (Thanks dxdy)
ShootMe! V1.4:
Hope I did that right ;)

The Simpsons 2: Itchy and Scratchy Land (QVGA) v1.0
Requirements: PPC WM5, WM6 – 6.1 QVGA
Overview: True to The Simpson’s original “Itchy and Scratchy Land” episode, navigate your way through the dangerous theme park’s 4 insane lands: Explosion Land, Unnecessary Surgery Land, Torture Land and Searing Gas Pain Land. Battle wave after wave of rampaging Itchy and Scratchy ‘bots, blood thirsty Axe ‘bots and devastating Bomb ‘bots. Flee the Itchy & Scratchy crazed robots by navigating mine fields, dodging saws and avoiding traps. And help Homer use the theme park’s busted bowling ball game to bash rampaging ‘bots into bits


-Play as Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa to escape Itchy and Scratchy Land
-Arm yourself with Bart’s slingshot, Marge’s vacuum gun, and Lisa’s Robo-Generator.
-Rescue your favorite Springfield citizens stranded throughout the lands.
-Venture back inside each deadly land to improve upon your best score

More Info:


Download Instructions: Install Cab & Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!


Fatal Arena 3D v1.0
Requirements: PPC WM5, WM6
Device with Joystick or button, this game will not work with device with just touchscreen.
Overview: Fight your way through the five clans in the battle for conquest.
Unlock new characters, enter new arenas, rasie the level of difficulty
and challange your friends in realtime multiplayer combats!

Five different characters
*Multiple fighting arenas
*Realtime multiplayer across bluetooth
*10 different levels of difficulty
*Great fighting action on your mobile device
*Character specific fighting techniques
*Astonishing true-3D graphics!
*Supported languages: EN, DE, ES, FR, IT
This game was originaly created for JAVA platform but modified for Windows Mobile

More Info:


Download Instructions:
1) Unrar
2) Copy game folder to device/storage card
and run with *exe file

Mirror: … ena_3D.rar

Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. v1.0
Requirements: PPC WM5, WM6
Overview: Break through the Mexican border and cruise into L.A., where two-bit thugs get wasted every day, but real gangstas can live like stars. To make it here, you gotta be able to handle a variety of weapons from handguns to Bazookas. Steal cars, rob sukkas on the street, infiltrate rival gangs and more in 75 different missions across 6 different hoods. Prove yourself and you’ll run your own gang, maybe even become a big-shot Hollywood producer. Welcome to stardom, gangsta-style.


Explore the streets and buildings of a sprawling metropolis 4X bigger than in the first Gangstar!
Open gameplay: fight, rob, explore, start businesses and complete missions at your own pace!
Survive 75 varied missions: infiltrate gangs, assassinate, film stunts or become a movie tycoon!
Enhanced playability: auto-aiming, intuitive car controls, GPS map and more.
Choose from an arsenal of handguns, rifles and bazookas, and ride in cars, on quads or on motorbikes.
A world full of bustling streets, hip-hop music and colorful characters with an intriguing story.

It’s QVGA/VGA compatible.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

1. Install
2. Enjoy!

Sky Force Reloaded v1.04
Requirements: Pocket PC 2003 or higher. 1MB of free disk space
Overview: Have you played original SKY FORCE ? Loved it? This one will bring even more enjoyment!

Incredible graphics, sound quality and pure fun!
– 8 totally new levels with new graphics,
– new enemies,
– additional weapon,
– new music and sound effects.


Image Image

Download Instructions: Download from … d.rar.html

or … 2.rar.html

or … _v110.html


and register with serial number 28146.

Warfare Incorporated for Pocket PC 1.2
Requirements: Pocket Pc 2002, 2003
Overview: Warfare Incorporated is set in a future ruled by super corporations engaged in no-holds-barred competition for the resources of the galaxy. The action centers around the newly discovered planet Icarus with its astounding mineral wealth and mysterious alien relics. Players take the role of a junior executive at the underdog ACME Exploration Corporation, discoverer of Icarus, and work their way up the corporate ladder by demonstrating their strategic and tactical skills in a campaign of increasingly challenging missions. Early missions concentrate on resource gathering and combat with ACME’s chief rival OMNI Industries and as the game develops other factions and the power of the alien technologies come into play.

Endless Gameplay with Heart-pounding Multiplayer Support and Top-notch User Authored Missions

After completing the 20 story-driven single player missions, join with up to 4 players over WiFi or Bluetooth for head-to-head multiplayer action on 21 additional battlefields. Cross platform game play is supported, relentless game play among friends encouraged. Users of Palm OS and Windows Mobile ? Pocket PC Devices with Bluetooth or WiFi can all play


Release Tester Reviews: Michelangelo

More Info:


Download Instructions: Download … 5-4961d1b6 –> Rename to anything.rar
Its the free trial and a key generator.

Mirrors: … ed_1.2.rar … ed_12.html

Mission Packs:
Map Editor + Mission Packs: …

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness & Beyond the Dark Portal v1 (Freeware)
Requirements: PPC WM6 – Fits i900 and i910 with WQVGA screens
Overview: Strategy Game (similar to Age of Empires).


In your PC, create an empty notepad file. Rename the notepad file to whatever name you want, and rename the extension to .sav.

Finally, place these files in Warcraft 2/WC2/save

Create the save folder if u do not have one.

Now this save slot will be available when u try to play the game on your pda!!
(reference: … 606&page=5


Camera/Call key — Attack (can be used for moving)
End call hey — Stop
Middle key — Chat (useless unles there are cheat codes but then again where is the keyboard biggrin.gif )
Volume down — Sound Options


More Info:


Download Instructions: Instructions:

Just extract it to your phone and run the Stratagus.exe If you don’t trust me, then you can simply search and download the QVGA version and just replace the “scripts” and the “graphics” folder

Mirrors: … A.rar.html … _WQVGA.rar

All Credit goes to ionfist@MODACO

Kings Crown v1.0.4
Requirements: PocketPC 2003(SE), WM5, WM6 – Qwerty Pad to register on touch only phones.
Overview: Kings Crown is turn based strategy game for Pocket PC. The goal of the game is to conquer England during the 11th century, becoming the King of England by receiving the Kings Crown.

To be able to succeed and take control over England, you will have to manage resources, taxes, building castles, building town buildings, building your army and not to forget – keeping you population happy! Also you will have to use your diplomacy skills, making friends and enimies along your quest to conquer England.

More Info:


Download Instructions: Install cab file and use serial# to register. Enjoy!


Kyototicha v1.02 beta (Freeware)
Requirements: PocketPC 2003(SE), WM5
Overview: Kyototicha, Funny Game, play along the days with your virtual friend TICHA,make him happy and healthly, then he will grow and build a familly cat…Thema is Japan, you will discover Fuji Mountain, Shinkansen train, Kyoto temple and shrine, Geisha playing music, Chinese bots…

# Follow inhabitants health and humor.
# Play with inhabitants.
# Food the inhabitants.
# Fight to save the environment.
# Cat Familly : Male and Female cat have to be happy together, healthly…
# Baby : If the Kyototicha inhabitants are happy, you may get some baby cats !
# … This is Beta version, wait next version for having all functions, and others animals !

More Info:


Download Instructions:

bersambung ……


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  1. hai mas gus….
    wah…kebetulan,saya juga seneng game nih.bisa minta tolong,postingin game2 pda selain yang sudah ada diatas….
    Trims mas gus…..


    boleh, tunggu giliran yah ..

  2. ok….ditunggu deh posting nya
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    masih buanyak … tenang aja …

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    Kalau gitu,postingin donk mas gus…?
    Saya lg hunter game ppc nih…khususnya yang bergrafik Sip untuk dilihat


    boleh, tapi yang di atas apa semua sudah coba?

  5. Udah.Hehehehe….Ada sebagian juga yang saya sudah punya.Kapan nih posting barunya,mas gus…?


    ya-ya, sabar dulu …

  6. ok deh….Hehehehehe…thanks….

  7. Halo mas gus….
    Kapan nih posting game terbaru nya…?Trims…!


    lo blom liat di halaman utama : action game ā€¦

  8. Halo Mas…
    Koq link nya rata2 pada di rapid smua ?? anti bgt nih…
    ada yg lain??? di ziddu jg ga masalah koq…


    begitulah selera para uploader2 …. saya sih ga ikutan upload, cuman agen penyalur saja, bro … šŸ˜‰

  9. makasih mas….akhirnya ketemu juga

  10. mas gus tuk jalanin game ato instal game yang file * Jar pake aplikasi apa????

  11. @sukarende

    pakai esmertec java atau java midled lainnya …

  12. ada linknya esmertec java atau java midled mas?maksih sebelumnya

  13. @sukarende

    ada, di halaman Mini Opera …. bagian bawah …

  14. mas, kok gamenya byk yg ga bs jln sih..
    ageofempirenya gmn ngejalaninnya… btw matur nuyun.. ats kebaikannya, smg allah membalas kebaikan gus pur…



    gak usah register, sudah di crack ….

  16. om ziddu ngga ngasih AOE, diinstalnya lemot bgt, udah gitu br 1/4 udah mati..

  17. mas, udah nyoba real football manager 2010?

    aku kok ga bisa masuk y mas, ga ada keyboardnya šŸ˜¦

    baca2 sih katanya ada virtual keyboardnya
    Application Manager -> Installed Apps -> Real Football 2010 -> Options -> Suite Settings -> On-Screen Keyboard
    , tapi aku ga dapet2 lokasi application managernya :((

    untuk atom life lokasi application manager itu dmn y mas??


    wah sorry bro, aku belum coba …

  18. mas lemonade nya ga ada linknya tuh?

  19. mas punya game zuma ga, kalo bisa yg ada keygennya

  20. terima kasih banget ya mas.

  21. oke-oke gamenya Om Gus…

  22. mas itu game assasin creed nya gk bs d donlot…
    ada link br gk mas???

  23. AoE nya minta registraion code…di gk ada tu di folder hasil extract donlotnya…dimana nih..registration code nya

  24. Aldy Yullian Says:

    Mas Gus, aku minta kode Age of Empires Gold Edition (ARM)_1.07 nya donk, soalnya link yg Mas Gus kasih ga ada kode registrasinya…

    Terima kasih banyak ya Mas Gus šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


    aduh maaf bro … aku sudah ga ada filenya …

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