iFonz Version 0.8.8 – 29/02/2008

ifonzmainiFonz is an emulation of iPhone but for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely rewited in .NET.

– Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 5 or 6
– Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 

– Extract CAB and install on Pocket PC
– Soft Reset Pocket PC
[How to]
– To open General Settings Tap and Hold on background
– To open Icon Settings Tap and Hold on desired icon
– To enable/disable Windows Startup open General Settings and check/uncheck the option
– To save/load Themes and settings Tap and Hold on Battery and click on Themes->Load/Save and choose the file
– To minimize Tap and Hold on Battery in the main screen and click on minimize
– To view all Pocket PC status info Tap and Hold on Battery in the main screen and go to Status menu
– To exit click on battery in the main screen
– To add shortcut to a folder in the command line use “windowsfexplore.exe” and in the argument set the folder path
– If iFonz close when hit the “Red Button” after a call, assign a specific button of your PPC for restart it, set it in PPC settings
– If your Pocket PC is old or slow go to General Settings and disable all Special Effects and set Animation to “Nothing”
– If you do a lot of changes in General Settings and iFonz become slow, restart it
Version 0.8.8 – 29/02/2008
– Now speed of all graphics depend of your mobile processor
– Correct a bug with graphics, and now less memory are used
– Add pushed image to all icons
– Add type of icon (“Normal”, “Phone”, “Messages”, “Calendar”, “Tasks”), if you set it the icon do some special things
– Add Startup with Windows in General Settings
– Add new image for icons after the first page
– Bottom Bar Icons are editable now
– Increase the limit to 16 icons for page (for VGA user)
– Start implementation for VGA users
– Add date on icon calendar editable
– Create notification balloon for Calendar Appointment and for Active Tasks
– User can set the speed of Slide animation
– Fade in and Fade out speed improvements
– Get the default icon from the program selected
– If there isn’t a Pushed image for icon it zoom out when clicked
– In Search File added the name of the file you search
– Create save/load theme style (General and Icons settings)
Version 0.7.6 – 15/02/2008
First public release
– Set backgrounds for Portrait and Landscape
– Welcome animation done
– Create a lot of pages of icons
– All icons in the pages are editabale
– Fade In and Fade out effect
– Set movement animation of icons
– Start Sound editable in General Settings
– All other Options are in General Settings, test it
[Know Bugs]
– VGA screen dont show correct graphics
– When Slide is active and Tap for change page and you are on an icon, this icon during the slide remain pushed
[In the future]
– In Theme menu add Default settings link to reset settings
– Set number of icons for row in Portrait and Landscape
– Implements VGA screen resolution
– User can customize all the graphics
– Create the Move icons function
– Cofiguration of Pocket PC D-PAd Keys and Soft-Keys
– Set which notification ballon you want view
– Add Language file to set it in all languages
– Set Font dimension variable by the resolution of screen
– Show Memory and others info panel
– Create menu for background and icons for do different things
– Create zoom animation when click on a program
– Load correct icons in Search files
– Do reflect icons in bottom bar
– Add more functionality to File Dialog Explorer (Create folder, Delete, Copy, Cut, Paste)
Screenshoots :
Download :



8 Tanggapan to “iFonz Version 0.8.8 – 29/02/2008”

  1. Mas mu nanya…mas Pur sebagai ahli PDA,menurut mas bagus iFonz ini or SPB mobile Shell yg versi 3?terima kasih mas

  2. oYa…iFonz ini bisa geture ga si mas?


    spb shell lebih flexible, meski memory juga lbh boros.
    ifonz dukung gesture …

  3. maz aku udah coba bolak alik kok gak bisa ya,, gimana neh caranya supaya bisa instal ke PDA aku pake O2 zinc
    kasi langkah2nya dong… thanks..


    saya pernah coba dan jalan di atom life, btw langkah2nya tinggal terjemahin tulisan di atas …
    biasa kok, seperti install aplikasi pada umumnya…..
    note: aplikasi2 semacam ini lebih cepet dan nyaman diinstall di device memori …

  4. […] kernel. And about Mobile 6.5, if you like the GUI of your iPhone, just install on Mobile iFonz (https://allaboutpda.wordpress.com/200…-088-29022008/). With the difference that if you want to change it or reverse back, you can. On the iPhone, you […]

  5. Pak… saya belum mengerti maksud dari “microsoft.net framework”
    tujuannya untuk apa?
    bagaimana prosedurnya?
    tolong balas ke email saya ya Pak…

  6. @newby

    ms net framework untuk memuluskan jalannya windows, aplikasi seperti spb shell, manila dst lebih mulus jalannya dengan tambahan ini … juga berguna untuk buka keygen …
    prosedur tinggal gugling saja, donlot dan install baik ke pc atau ke ppc …

  7. mas nie apliksi bsa di pkek di o2 xda atom g or wm5

  8. @soetiknoe

    bisa bro, install framework dulu …

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