WMWifiRouter 1.30

wmwifirouterWMWifiRouter 1.30

Requirements: A PPC device with cellular and wifi support, a regeditor, your Winmobile Version must support hosts entries

Overview: Wmwifirouter is an app, with that you can share your GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HDPA connection via

WIFI, Bluetooth or USB


* Share your cellular data/internet connection over wifi

* Connect any wifi-enabled device with ad-hoc mode support

* Supports multiple devices at the same time

* Easy to use: for most users, getting up and running is a matter of a single click

* Power saving: works even when the device is suspended!

* IP, wifi and cellular configuration built-in

* 64- and 128-bit WEP encryption support

* Automatic reconnect on connection loss

* Compatible with almost all recent Windows Mobile devices

* Distinction between basic and advanced users

* Keep-alive support to prevent automatic disconnects for specific carriers

* Battery monitoring and management

* Support for sharing your cellular data connection over bluetooth and usb

* Support for sharing your wifi connection to usb, and vice versa

* Multi-language support

# Ability to feed internet to your normal wireless router, with WPA encryption

# Live traffic statistics

# Live DHCP statistics

# Port mapping support

# DMZ support



What’s new in WMWifiRouter 1.30:

· This new version of WMWifiRouter contains a long list of bug-fixes, enhancements, compatibility patches, and even a few new features.

· Added or improved support for a large number of devices and improved Wi-Fi handling for several different chipsets. A lot of work has been done on compatibility with other software as well, particularly VPN software could in the past interfere with WMWifiRouter. There have also been a number of small changes to the user interface, such as a warning notice when you are roaming and information about whether or not certain configuration options are safe to change while routing.

· This update also contains a number of fixes specifically for the Samsung Omnia and Epix family of devices.

More Info:


Download Instructions: version not cracked, but possible prolonged trial period, all very simple,

1. Install application (WMWifiRouter.v.1.30.(build.825).cab)

2. Read –> “ReadMe_TrialUpdate.txt”

3. Install cab*file (TrialUpdate?.CAB) according to date

or delete registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Morose Media\WMWifiRouter\License\”StartDate”

It really work. Tested

Download Link:





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  1. wah,,ini software saya cari2 kmana2 bgt,,akhirnya dapet dsni,,
    makasih bt loh mas gus 😀

  2. Kang kok ga bisa di donload ya ada yg lain ga? Makasih.

  3. Hi brother i try on my dopod 900 it success install and i want to share wifi with my another dopod 818pro if connect properly but when i go to browser not data receive (can not run internet) Please ….help

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