iPhoneToday v1.2.5 (Freeware)

iPhoneToday v1.2.5 (Freeware)
Requirements: PPC WM6 – >WM6.5
Overview: it is a iPhone clone more, a mix of iFonz and iDiamond Project that, united to S2U2, will be a good alternative to the actual interfaces.


Change log (26/08/2009): (1.2.5)
– Added vibration on touch (In options you can disable it if you set time of vibration to 0)
– Added new system for reload icons quickly (see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=4395050&postcount=2116)
– Added clock&alarm type

More Info:

Download Instructions: if u r updating from previous version do these steps:
1-make backup of ur icons.xml and settings.xml and icons folder
2-uninstall it
3-install iPhoneToday_OnlyExecutables.cab


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  1. hee,mas iphone today ny tulisan nama2 ny huruf aneh mas,smacam bahasa spayoll pa prancis y hehe

  2. @kade

    emang sudah coba? karena ga coba sendiri, menurutku itu tergantung dari systemnya/windowsnya … kalo english/wwe ya tulisannya inggris … 😉

  3. Oke jg ni Om Gus, tp gmn ya biar halaman jd tambah banyak?

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